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What? Who? When? Why?

Q    What is #philosophical about?

A     Please refer to the introduction in the vestibule.

Q     Who is involved in #philosophical?

A     Please refer to the introduction in the vestibule for the sort of people who are involved in #philosophical and the member's page for a list of actual people.

Q     When did #philosophical start up?

A     We started up on 17 March 2005.

Q     Why did you start #philosophical?

A     There is room enough on IRC for people who want to engage in philosophical discussion, as opposed to just discussion about philosophy or just chatting without any real goal or objective.  The #philosophical channel provides a forum in which these people can meet with like minded people.  Naturally most philosophical discussion is about philosophy, but discussion on topics such as politics, religion and so on are not excluded.  The intention is to focus more on how subjects are discussed not on which subjects are discussed.

Q     Isn't this just a splinter channel or support group for people who are banned from #philosophy?

A     No.  While it is true that a number of the founding members of #philosophical have had one or more differences #philosophy over time, the fact is that the vast majority remain active visitors and supporters of what is undeniably the most popular, and arguably best managed, IRC philosophy channel.  Without those differences of opinion, a channel like #philosophical would not have emerged to provide a forum for those who wish to approach discussions on IRC in a more rigorous and enlightening fashion - but #philosophy is generally if not universally held in high regard.
        Most importantly, although those who have been temporarily banned in other channels may chose to seek solace in #philosophical, we beseech you to take your banning elsewhere philosophically and not use this channel to vent steam.  Also if you manage to earn a permanent ban in another channel, you should be aware that it's entirely likely that you will not make yourself welcome by complaining about it here or by repeating whatever activity caused you to be banned elsewhere.

Q     Do you intend  to replace other philosophy related channels?

A     No, this channel will never replace other philosophy related channels and there is no intention that it should.  Our intention is more to serve as a complement to other philosophy channels and as an alternative venue for people who wish to engage in interesting philosophical discussion on a range of topics.

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